Information for New Passionfruit Growers

The NZ Passionfruit Growers Associated has a wealth of experience and knowledge about growing passionfruit in New Zealand, and this useful resource will help get you started.

Growing Considerations

Are you considering growing passionfruit? Here are some key factors that you should consider…more »

Growing Requirements

Purple passionfruit require a warm, sheltered, frost-free site for a commercial planting to thrive and be profitable…more »

Growing Structures

Being rampant climbers, passionfruit need substantial structures to support the heavy crop loading…more »

Growing Regions

Learn more about popular growing regions for passionfruit within New Zealand…more »

Packaging Supplies

Find passionfruit packaging suppliers in New Zealand…more »


A number of serious diseases can reduce yields and kill passionfruit vines if not controlled…more »

Approved Supplier

Passionfruit growers are encouraged to partake in The New Zealand GAP quality assurance initiative…more »


Passionfruit growers are encouraged to participate in The GROWSAFE┬« Training Programme…more »

Levy Explanation

In New Zealand, the sale of passionfruit comes under the Commodity Levies Act…more »