Retailer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to maintain the quality of passionfruit in storage?

Passionfruit needs to be stored at an approximate temperature of 5degreesC.

It requires to be stored in shallow containers to avoid crushing the bottom layer of fruit


How long a shelf life do passionfruit have?

Passionfruit has extremely good keeping qualities if kept under the correct conditions. Passionfruit can be kept on the shop shelves for approximately two weeks and can also be in cool storage for a week before being placed on the shelves.


How should I display passionfruit?

Passionfruit is best displayed with other exotic fruit.

Although it does not bruise easily passionfruit has a waxy skin which marks if not handled with care.


What attracts the consumer to passionfruit?

Passionfruit has such a rich flavour that it enhances many recipes giving them an exotic taste. Once the consumer has tasted and used passionfruit they will become repeat buyers.


Who should we be targeting to buy passionfruit?

Passionfruit is such an exotic fruit that once food lovers and people who like to try new foods have used it they will want to use it often.