Passionfruit marinated chicken wings with sweet and sour Spicy Passionfruit dip



Chicken wings

600-700 grams of chicken wings

Passionfruit pulp  (5-6 Passionfruit)

50 – 100 gram of (dark) brown sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

100ml juice ( OJ or just juice)

50 gram of butter


Sweet and sour spicy Passionfruit dip:

100 ml passionfruit juice (pulp of 5-6 passionfruit, sieved)

50 ml Sweet Thai chilli sauce

25-75 gram of dark brown sugar

1 tbsp of salty soy sauce ( you could also use salt or Thai fish sauce)



Chicken Wings

Combine passionfruit, 50 gram of dark brown sugar, juice, and salt and pepper. Taste the marinade , it can only be mildly sour as you will really taste that in the nibbles, if too sour add more brown sugar. Make sure you season well with the salt and pepper.

( at this stage you could also add some dry spices for example  tsp of paprika, coriander and cayenne pepper if you like spicy, but these can be left out)

Put the chicken in a large plastic bag (easy seal) , pour over marinade, shake and leave to marinade for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight in fridge.

Frying: shake/ rub all passionfruit seeds from chicken and pat chicken dry.  Fry chicken in a frying pan on medium high in the butter until brown and crispy.


Passionfruit Dip 

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan, start with 25 grams of brown sugar and add more to taste, the dip can be a little bit more sour than the marinade, you should taste sour/sweet/spicy and a bit salty. Slowly bring to boil and reduce a little bit. (it will thicken when cooled)