Tropical, tangy, tasty mouthwatering, full of flavour, vitamins and health.

New Zealand Passionfruit Growers Association has been established for more than 20 years.  In that time a range of growers have come and gone.  Initially the centre of passionfruit production was in the Eastern Bay of Plenty region of Opotiki.  Today the majority of orchards are found further west in the Katikati region.  Passionfruit however, can be grown as far north as Kaitaia—an area which has an ideal subtropical climate.  It is also produced in small pockets as far south as Nelson where there are excellent climatic conditions for growing this delectable purple fruit.

Passionfruit is a subtropical which thrives on warmth and needs a sheltered frost-free environment for successful production.  With a season that ranges from Christmas through to late winter the aromatic taste of this beautiful tropical fruit can be enjoyed for over eight months of the year.

The New Passionfruit website will assist you with the production of passionfruit as well as supplying information about suppliers and the grades of fruit.  Sample some of the delicious recipes that present a range of ways to cook and devour this versatile fruit.

A dedicated members’ area provides more in depth technical assistance to growers.

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