Please take the time to look through our delicious collection of recipes. Take advantage of your fresh passionfruit, with everything from cakes to slices and pavlova to pizza.

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Baked Chicken and Bananas

Baked Chicken and Bananas with Parsnip and Coriander Quinoa with a Tangy Passionfruit Glaze…more »

Passionfruit Islands

Passionfruit Islands with Banana Mango cream…more »

Passionfruit Slice with Frosting

Delicious slice made with fresh passionfruit pulp…more »

Poached Pears with Passionfruit

Poached Pears with Passionfruit Sauce, Boysenberry Coulis, Creme Chantilly, and Peanut Praline…more »

Savoury Passionfruit Pizza

Savoury Passionfruit pizza with fresh passionfruit pulp…more »

Chicken Breast with Passionfruit Sauce

Light and summery dish with passionfruit sauce…more »

Paradise Tart

Deliciously sweet tart with custardy texture…more »

Passionfruit Cup

Simple yet divine; the golden passionfruit pulp adds exotic depth to other fruits…more »

Passionfruit Slice with Icing

Delicious slice made with fresh passionfruit pulp…more »

Passionfruit Cake

Lovely cake that is perfect for people who don't like the pips of passionfruit…more »

Passionfruit Mousse

Great served in decorative glasses and topped with fresh passionfruit…more »

Linda's Pavlova

Nothing beats a Kiwi pavlova, topped with fresh passionfruit pulp…more »
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