Packing and Packaging standards

World Market

Passionfruit are to be packed in new, clean single layer trays. 

Fruit to be graded by size and packed into plastic pocket pack inserts (Plix) using the following plix count sizes - 23, 28, 30 33, 35, 39 and 42's. 

Each fruit to be individually labelled with a PLU sticker and preferable that the contents of each tray is wrapped in a plastic tray liner to prevent moisture loss thereby reducing dehydration of the fruit.

New Zealand Market


5kg's per carton (Loose packed) 

Tag 3 grade - 5kg clear plastic bags or 5kg cartons (marked Tag 3)

Colour / Shape

Dark purple skin, Round - no misshapen fruit


Small - Plix count sizes 39 and 42's 

Medium - Plix count sizes 33 and 35's 

Large - Plix count sizes 23, 28 and 30's

Minimum/Maximum : diameter - 45mm - 55mm Length : 50mm - 70mm


All fruit should be of uniform shape, colour and maturity.


Minor defects including scuffs & rubs - less than 2%. 

Russet - less than 2%. 

No major defects - includes wounds, cuts, splits, cracking or punctures. 

No insect or hail damage. No rots.


Wrinkling of passionfruit is due to moisture loss and is used as a basis of age of the fruit. 

Tag 3 weight less than 35% of fresh fruit weight.