Growsafe Certification

New Zealand is notable for its highly educated agrarian sector, a group that is quick to adopt new technologies and concepts and to respond quickly to consumer preferences. The New Zealand Agricultural infrastructure includes a high level of involvement by universities and research institutions who combine their knowledge with a desire on the part of growers to be proactive on health and safety issues - to do more than comply - to lead.

All export growers must use only those sprays approved by the Health and Safety Regulations in destination countries. Also, each export passionfruit grower must maintain a complete record of any sprays used on their fruit and the exact day of application. A spray diary is maintained by each grower and may be audited by a representative of MAF.

The New Zealand Passionfruit Growers Association encourages its members to partake in quality assurance initiatives:

  • The New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust and The GROWSAFE® Training Programme(skilled use of agrichemicals)

For full information on Growsafe®, please visit:

This initiative is a proactive move by New Zealand growers to address consumer concerns relating to food safety and quality. It is a comprehensive programme designed to apply to all growers of all fresh produce in New Zealand. It has been designed to meet all foreseen customer needs, so growers have one standard, not different standards for different customers as can be the case when such programmes are customer initiated.