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Why Buy New Zealand Passionfruit?

Things our customers should know...

New Zealand is a clean, green, island nation in the South Pacific
and there are definite advantages which come from being so isolated.

We are free of major pollutants and also free of Fruit Fly which means we have access to
most world markets.

But there are other important advantages as well, including...

  • Very few, if any, insecticides are used on New Zealand passionfruit so buyers can be assured of no chemical residues.
  • Because the fruit drops to the ground when mature, buyers can be assured of consistent quality and sweetness.
  • Unlike a lot of other fruit, the taste of New Zealand passionfruit actually improves with age, hence the saying "sweeter when wrinkled."
  • New Zealand passionfruit have good storage life, up to 4 weeks if stored in a refrigerator at the correct temperature (see storage details on the tray).
  • The fruit is harvested and packed in single layer trays and reaches world markets within 24-48 hours.
  • Each fruit is individually labelled with a PLU sticker and each tray is wrapped in a plastic liner to stop dehydration.
  • There are between 28 and 42 fruit per tray depending on size.
  • The fruit has a final audit by Agriquality staff who check for quality and pests before air freighting overseas.
  • New Zealand passionfruit are available for 8 months of the year (see availability chart on this site).
  • New Zealand passionfruit are a very good source of Vitamin C, a useful source of Vitamin A and niacin, with some riboflavin.
  • They are also an excellent source of dietary fibre, low in sodium with no fat.
  • One medium sized fruit contains around 15 calories (see nutrition information on this site).


Buying Locally from Growers

Some growers sell directly to the public.  You may be able to visit their orchard or have produce couriered to you. 
Many will courier nationwide.

Also, search Facebook Marketplace and Trademe for other passionfruit listings by growers.


Bay Tropics


JM France


Onepu Springs Orchard Ltd


Mob: 022-066-0582

Website: www.baytropics.nz

Email: shop@baytropics.nz

Mob: 022-093-0785

Tel: 07-543-1434

Website: www.jmfrance.co.nz

Email: alisonjeanne@hotmail.fr

Mob: 021-295-0387

Website – on Facebook and
Market Place as Passionfruit2you

Email passionfruit2you@gmail.com
We sell passionfruit in
2.5kg and 5kg boxes, as well as
mixed fruit boxes with feijoas, avocados,
limes, tamarillos and more
  We sell passionfruit by the kilo,
so you choose how much you want. 
  We sell cartons, trays or
small boxes of passionfruit. 
Our orchard is in Bay of Plenty   Our orchard is in the Bay of Plenty.    Our orchard is in the Bay of Plenty
Our passionfruit is available February to September
All orders are subject to the availability of fruit.
  Our passionfruit is available late February
to September
  Our season ends around the end of April 
All produce is delivered via courier around NZ,
(charges apply).
All produce is delivered via courier around NZ, (charges apply) or can be picked up at the orchard.
  All produce is delivered via courier around NZ,
(charges apply).

We also sell

  • wooden toys 
  • and other health products. 

Check out our website for details


We also sell

  • Bottled Dessert Passionfruit
  • Passionfruit & Apple Jelly (no pips)
  • Frozen Passionfruit Pulp
  • Delicious Apple Chutney
  • Tomato Relish
  • and Quince Jelly



Local Passionfruit Wholesalers/Marketers

The following local marketers are members of the New Zealand Passionfruit Growers Association.
Growers can sell their fruit to these wholesalers and retailers can buy fruit from them.

Fresh Direct Limited

Fraser Gibbs

Mob: 021-245-5249

Email: fgibbs@freshdirect.co.nz

Web: www.freshdirect.co.nz

Info: Marketers Brief

MG Marketing

Zach Zaloum

Tel: 03-349-2070

Mob: 027-7165-753

Email: zzaloum@mgmarketing.co.nz

Web: www.mgmarketing.co.nz

Info: Marketers Brief

Pole to Pole Fresh Ltd

Todd Abrahams

Mob: 027-478-9397

Tel: 07-573-9802

Email: todd@poletopole.co.nz

Web and Info: www.poletopole.co.nz

Online Sales: www.freshstore.co.nz





Export Marketers

The following NZ based wholesalers are members of the New Zealand Passionfruit Growers Association and export fruit overseas.
Growers can sell their fruit to these wholesalers and overseas customers can buy fruit from these companies.

Fresh Produce Group NZ Ltd

Russell Faulkner

Mob: +64-21-489-995

Email: russell@freshproducegroup.co.nz

Web: www.freshproducegroup.co.nz

Info: Marketers Brief

J P Exports Ltd

Simon Tallon

Mob: +64-21-242-2255

Email: stallon@freshdirect.co.nz

Web: www.jpexports.co.nz

Info: Marketers Brief


John Miller

Mob: +64-27-291-0608

Email: john@foodview.nz

Web: www.foodview.nz/contact

Info: Marketers Brief

Paragon Produce NZ Ltd

Bob Clarke

Mob: + 64 21-653-338

Email: Bob@paragonproduce.co.nz

Web: www.paragonproduce.co.nz

Pole to Pole Export Ltd

Todd Abrahams

Mob: 027-478-9397

Tel: 07-573-9802

Email: todd@poletopole.co.nz

Web and Info: www.poletopole.co.nz